Tuesday, February 25, 2014

three stories

A few publications this past week. Always nice for that to happen. I want to write in depth on two of them as part of the series I started called Practice Series. One is not a practice series, but part of a regular series of interconnected tales, it is part of a small book I am in the second draft of, Tales of the Reanimator's Saloon. Here is that story http://www.everydayfiction.com/the-backup-bartender-prefers-to-keep-his-thoughts-to-himself-by-david-macpherson/

The second story is in yesteryear fiction, I want to write about this in length and the difficulty I have with it, but more later on that, check it out yesteryearfiction.com

The last that got published is in a cute little digest magazine. Poet's Haven Digest #2. Its a werewolf story I wrote a few years back. I had the idea of using heroin to keep werewolf transformation at bay, and wrote this thing, and it was a chore until a line showed up in the last page that I just loved, it was a real moment of the character talking and not me. I finished it with relish and fixed the beginning to have that same attitude as the last page. Happy it is in print and for purchase for six dollars.


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